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OOO "KHIMTERMINAL" can assist to optimize your supply flows by establishing us directly next to your sites or in situ, a solution that may also involve taking on some of your personnel. Our flexible and evolving services give you a clear vision of your inbound flows. Your components and raw materials are checked for compliance and your operations are made more reliable, thus ensuring high production capacities and optimizing your stocks and delivery times. In addition, our agile and rigorous teams continually strive to improve the quality of our services to boost your competitiveness.

Key Services

OOO "KHIMTERMINAL" offers adaptable, flexible storage with proper solutions to meet all your needs, whatever your situation and type of goods. You can opt for dedicated platforms or benefit from the advantages related to shared surfaces, resources and equipment. You thus better control your logistics costs.

  • After-sales and returns logistics
  • Inbound and on-site logistics
  • Warehousing and distribution.

    OOO "KHIMTERMINAL" is one of the leading Contract Logistics providers with over 100 platforms of warehousing space globally. From warehousing, distribution center management to line-side deliveries, we provide you with a wide range of bespoke solutions, enriched by innovative services. These solutions are targeted to cost-effectively manage our customers’ logistics, reduce inventory cost and make their supply chain more efficient, contributing sustainably to the growth of your business. Our teams, reliable, flexible and highly reactive, are thus the ally of your strategy.

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