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We operates on the following storage terminals

The Port of Vladivostok has a total of 4.2 kilometers of quays with alongside depth of up to 15 meters. Each berth is supported by rail tracks, with a total 20 kilometers of railways serving the port.

The Port of Vladivostok covers an area of 55.2 hectares, and the harbor approach is from 20 to 30 meters deep. The Port of Vladivostok's railway station has capacity for one thousand wagons. The Port of Vladivostok contains 17 berths for commercial cargoes and passengers.

Novorossiysk Terminal

Our oil terminal in Novorossiysk operates today as a modern multi-brunch enterprise, which intakes crude and oil products from the railway tank-cars and sea tankers, performs their storage and shipments to domestic and foreign customers, as well as provides bunkers to the ships in the ports of Novorossiysk, Tuapse, and other ports of the black sea.

Rotterdam Terminals

Khimterminal operate storage terminal for bulk liquids and located in the port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. The core activity of khimterminal are transportation, storage of petroleum and petrolchemical products and hanling of liquid bulk products and also includes services of blending,additivation,dyeing,heating,nitrogen blanketing and customs facilities. Khimterminal has a storage capacity consists of 390,000 cubic meters in 11 tanks,ranging from 1,000 to 92,000 m3, which are suitable for the storage of so called class 3 and 4 liquids such as fuel gas oils,biofuels,jet fuel and crude oil.


The specialized sea oil-loading port Kozmino situated on the shore of the Sea of Japan is the final point of the pipeline system ESPO. It is meant for transshipping the oil ESPO to the countries of the Asian and the Pacific Ocean region. The capacity of the port on the first stage of realization of the project ESPO is 15 million tons per year. Kozmino Bay Oil Terminal abides by the standard regulation on environmental guidelines during transferring oil from plant to pipelines and sends to buyers designated area of discharging. Doing of the ESPO oil export is a major case for Russia's oil export infrastructure, which is currently focused on Asia Pacific. Oil going into the Pipeline comes from the refineries or form the one of several oil fields on port of Nakhodka, Kozmino Bay Oil Terminal, for loading it on storage facilities or directly loading of oil onto heavy-tonnage tankers.


Specialized sea oil loading port Primorsk design with the capacity of 65 million tons a year is the terminal point of the Baltic Pipeline System (BPS) intended for export of the Russian crude oil from the fields of the Timano-Pechorsky region, Western Siberia and the Ural-Volga region. The complex is located in deep-water part of the passage Björkösund (Gulf of Finland) in 150 km from St. Petersburg. On the territory of the port 4 moorings each 17.8 meters at wall deep function. The port admits vessels with deadweight of up to 150 thousand tons.

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